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Guide to Choosing the Best Tail Butt Plug

Many couples would want to keep it sexy while spending romantic time in their home. If you are a woman or you want your wife to feel cute and sexy in your bedroom, you need to find the best butt plug. You can get as many butt plugs for your wardrobe as you want so that you feel the kind of pleasure that you deserve during sex.

As much as you need to enhance both your pleasure in the bedroom before or during sex, you need to choose the right butt plug that adds a little romance in the bedroom and look incredibly awesome before your lover, as there are many brands available in the market. You need to have a butt plug guide to help you in making the right selection.


couples in bed When you are purchasing thee butt tail plug, you need to consider the quality of the material. Ensure that the features that enhance the quality of the butt tail plug are available so that you can get the best pleasure during or before sex.

You need to have in mind that the high quality comes at a high price; however, you should not oversee the quality features because they are essential when you are with your lover. Always remember to prioritize the highest standards so that you get the kind of pleasure you need for your sex or romantic moments with your lover.


Safety should be amongst your top priorities when you are purchasing the sex toys, especially the butt tail plugs. Ensure that you choose the best product that will not be shuttering in your body while you are having pleasure in the romantic times. The material used to manufacture the butt tail plug should be strong or rather elastic to avoid breaking causing pain while you have sex.

If you are allergic to a particular material, you need to switch to a secure one that will give you the pleasure you need without harming your body. The chances of the butt tail plug harming your body are low, but you need to be careful because you will not want to have a terrible experience in the middle of your sexual pleasure.

Easy to Clean

cleaning your butt plugIt is important to practice hygiene when you used to the butt tail plugs. You need to purchase a product that will be easy to clean before and after you have used it. The common material used to design the butt tail plug is glass because it is the easiest to clean. Ensure that you can handle the butt tail plug for cleaning without making the other part wet.

A product that is easy to clean will motivate you to use it as you spend little time cleaning the parts. On the other hand, you need to ensure that the butt tail plug is nontoxic. Even though you would not purchase a product that will promote toxic substances intentionally but you need to choose material that has zero chance of getting contamination with toxic substances.

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Sex Rules for Couples

Even those couple who start off with heavy and hot sex lives at some point go through slumps. You need to find a way to always rekindling your sex drive for the betterment of your relationship. The following are some of the rules which will help you as a couple stay sexually satisfied in your long-term relationship.

Schedule kid-free date nights

A lot of energy usually goes into your kids that you get too exhausted to nurture onewoman standing man in bed another. You can go for a date without the lids to show them you are not together because of them but because you enjoy each other genuinely. Once a year you can splurge on a hotel to have hotel sex. Having sex in an unfamiliar and new place activates dopamine which is responsible for the rush of pleasure.

Avoid Comparisons

You should never compare your sex lives to that of others. This is a no-no but a common pitfall which most couples fall into. When you start comparing yourself to other people, you often will find a way to either make yourselves seem better or less than them. Long-term sexual connections are not about who is best or having it most often. Your sexual contact with your spouse over time changes, grows and if you are open, it takes you to places you never thought you could go. You will have moments of pleasurable connectedness, extreme highs and also moments of feeling bored, feeling bored and disconnected. This is normal in long-term sexual relationships

Focus on the Turn-ons and not Turn-offs

To spice up your sex life, you need to find your partner sexually appealing or attractive. Most people tend to focus on the turn-off and pay little attention to the turn-ons. Try to recall what attracted you to your partner the first time and create interactions which are conducive to replicate those feelings. This will help your sexual life grow.

Have Sex at least Once every Week

coupleResearch shows couples who have sex once every week, have a higher level of relational satisfaction than those who have it less than once a week. It is not how often you do it but how well you engage with each other. Various types of sex bring different benefits. Lovemaking reinforces the sense of emotional connection. There is also sex which will expand your sense of fantasy and creativity, sex that appeals to your senses directly and that which occurs to get rid of stress like a quickie. Try therefore to be varied in approach and consistent in frequency and to keep your expectations high.

Practice the Platinum Rule

The golden rule is to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. However, the platinum rule is where it’s at. Always do to your partner what they would want to be done to them. You need to know your partners biggest turn-ons. Endeavor to commit to doing it at least once every week.

These rules will help you hold tight as a couple and always enjoy sex with one another and bond better each day.