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Tips for Spicing Your Sex Life

After having steamy sexy sessions for some time, there comes a time for every couple that their sex life takes a dip. It could be due to stress-related factors, hormonal-related reasons, or just boredom for being with the same sexual partner for a reasonably long time. It is a point at which if no action is taken, things could get out of hand, maybe leading to cheating or divorce.

However, there is still so much that can be done to rekindle the romantic passion and keep the two love birds enjoying each other’s company and looking forward to their lovemaking moments. Let’s look at some of the tips that sexual partners could use to help them spice things up.

Watch Porn Together

watch porn togetherWhile watching alone makes a person feel guilty, watching porn with your partner could help liven things. It heightens sexual tension and arouses curiosity, which are plentiful fuels for passionate sex sessions. You may also explore other kinds of porn materials besides the screens and try reading erotic literature. You could read for each other in turns as you pause to digest some of the portions and even break into hearty laughter where there are exciting and funny things. A good laugh makes the heart happy and leads to great sex.

Change Sex Locations

switch sex locationMost partners are used to having sex in the same place in their house that they have become used to it, for example, on the bed, which makes things dull. It would be best to change locations from time to time. You could try it on the couch, in the kitchen on the counter. You may also make love in your bedroom closet or any other place except your usual one. It has been established that the unfamiliar smells, texture, lighting intensity, and other different things play a significant part in reigniting the sex fire.

Give Sex Toys a Try

try sex toysYou may try shopping for adult toys to liven things in your bedroom. Fortunately, there are toys for all things and to satisfy all your fantasies. Sex toys come in handy during foreplay to make each other hot and sexually excited. The toys are also for use after sex and, at times, in the place of real sex. However, partners must avoid seeing toys as the main course or relying solely on them, but rather see them as spices.

Besides the above tips, learning new sex positions, investing in excellent sex furniture, coming with couple’s sex rules which are adhered to and even showering together occasionally as you explore your crazy ideas can brighten those dull bedroom moments.